The constant endeavour of Tuna since more than 40 years is to develop and apply the criteria which will carry service and product quality to the highest level.

Within the frame work of this vision which started in 1970; Tuna established a joint venture with Girsberger AG of Switzerland, one of the world wide well known and most experinced company in Office seating and introduced to the Turkish market ergonomic, healthy sitting and functional values in 1992.

The strong basis of the past experiences enables Tuna brand to continue applying renovative ideas in order to shape the future of the company with a deep consciousness and understanding of quality values.

One of the basic principles of our brand is to support design and designers through our awareness of the universal added value of design in our life.

We show utmost care to the expactations and demands of our customers and suppliers through the harmony which we established all together and which will enligthen our path way to the future. One of our basic motto is to add new distinguished products and values to our sector through the power we take from our past and our wisdom.